CleanTech Environmental to Form New Division: CleanStar Manufacturing

November 1, 2011, Los Angeles, CA. CleanTech Environmental, Inc. a leader in the parts washer service industry, today announced that it has formed a new division CleanStar Manufacturing. This new division will supply CleanTech’s growing parts washer needs and will also be marketed to other parts washer service companies around the world.

“After serving thousands of parts washer units in the field made by other manufacturers CleanTech was able to identify areas of improvement that will be incorporated into the CleanStar line of parts washers. The new division is focused on revolutionizing the drum mount parts washer by new design features that will reduce overall cost, the time to service and increase the overall reliability on the units ” stated Robert Brown III, President - CleanTech Environmental.

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About CleanTech Environmental, Inc.
CleanTech Environmental  provides full service hazardous waste management programs, including collection and compliance. Our trained, professional staff will pick up and manage your used oil, anti-freeze, oil filters and hazardous waste drums and provide oil water clarifier / separator service.