Absorbents and Spill Control

Oil or ALL Purpose -Absorbent Pads (Heavy-Weight), 15" x 17", 100 count
Each order consists of 100 Oil Only Absorbent Pads (Heavy-Weight)Heavy-Weight oil-only sorbent pads have outer layers of tough-skinned, heavyweight material that resists abrasions and tears. Can withstand rough handling. Meltblowninner layer draws and holds liquids from the outer layer and leaves the pad looking good on the outside. Low lint for sensitivejobs. Outer spunbondlayers are constructed of continuous strands of polypropylene fiber interwoven to virtually prevent fibers from becoming detached and contaminating equipment, tools or parts. Absorb 34 gallons per case of pads.-Fast-wicking fibers absorb up to 25 times their weight in hydrocarbon -These durable, heavy-weight pads absorb petroleum based liquids, but never water -Ideal when you have to clean up oily spills or drips -Great for when you don't need the extra absorbency or expense of a universal absorbent


Oil or All Purpose Socks
Absorbent socks are a great way to isolate small drips or protect drains and floors from runaway spills. All of our sorbent socks feature durable knitted sleeves to keep the high-quality synthetic and polymer filling safely inside. Available in both WHITE Oil Only and GRAY Universal styles.
Available in 3" diameters with 4' lengths.


Clay Absorbent-Granular

Our Premium clay absorbents undergo a superior moisture extraction process that increases absorption and minimizes dust. For use on oils, coolants, grease, water and other spills.40lb. bag

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