Waste Container Labeling

DTSC Regulations require Hazardous Waste Containers to be labeled in accordance with regulations listed below:

(1) The date upon which each period of accumulation begins must be clearly marked and visible for inspection on each accumulation unit. (Section 66262.34.)

(2) While being accumulated on site, each generator tank or container must be labeled or clearly marked with the words, "Hazardous Waste." (Section 66262.34.)

(3) Each container and portable tank in which hazardous waste is accumulated must be labeled with the following information:

(a) composition and physical state of the waste;
(b) statement or statements that call attention to the particular hazardous properties of the waste (e.g. flammable, reactive); and
(c) name and address of the generator. (Section 66262.34.)

(4) Containers and tanks used by the generator to collect or consolidate wastes initially accumulated in other containers or tanks are subject to the same labeling requirements. The initial accumulation and "90-day period" dates on the "collection" container/ tank must be the oldest of the initial accumulation and "90-day period" dates from the various
containers/tanks emptied into the "collection" container/tank. This may require dates to be changed
if wastes from "older" containers/tanks are added to the "collection" container/tank.

(5) In some cases, containers are continuously reused for accumulation of the same waste stream; e.g., drums used to initially accumulate waste which when full are emptied into larger "collection" containers. "Recurring use" labels may be used on such containers to revise the initial accumulation and "90-day period" dates (without having to change the other labeling information). If the container is emptied at least once each day, the word "daily" may be used in the date area of the label.

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